Earning a living as an actor is hard work. Most actors have a “side hustle” or a “survival job” to pay the bills while waiting for auditions to materialize into booked jobs.  30 years ago, Erin’s side hustle started as a small summer musical theatre class in Tupper Lake, NY.  That grew into a booming program that served over 250 children a year in a multitude of classes in a variety of styles. It quickly became clear that educating and inspiring others in the arts was Erin’s passion. As Erin moved around the country, she took the seeds of each program with her, replanting them and growing new programs every place she landed. She started Erin Dangler Dance in upstate New York, Starz Over Madison in Jackson, MS, Broadway Bound in Memphis, TN and Broadway Bound USA  in Chapel Hill, NC.  

After years of working with children, she began applying the same skills and principles to actors beyond the musical theatre realm into all areas of the performing arts….and even beyond the stage – to non-actors and organizations.  Erin opened her taping studio to coach working actors, began coaching professionals in the corporate world and leading team-building and performance-skills-enhancing workshops at community organizations.

Thus, Beyond Broadway Studios was born! 

BEYOND BROADWAY STUDIOS has emerged from the philosophy to “keep changing, keep asking, keep growing, keep evolving, keep succeeding, keep moving and keep shining.” The ability to go beyond means there’s no boundaries for the services and opportunities we can explore and offer. Our success lies in the ability to evolve and respond to the shifts in the actors, professionals and communities we serve to meet their creative and practical needs.